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What Can I Do with A Business Management Degree

By | Alison McKinley

So, you’ve finally obtained a long-awaited degree in business. You’ve worked hard on writing academic research papers, passed the exams and built professional knowledge. Now it’s time for you to choose a career direction and start gaining practical skills from the work experience.

Business graduates typically gain exposure in how various businesses work, be it a retail store, a bank or essay editing services where editors offer online paper help to students (such as These essay editors use an online business model – a professional editor corrects academic paper at a small charge.

Thus, students are trained in the principles of finance and accounting, HR management, project management, and customer service. With a theoretical foundation like this, a business management graduate can apply for a variety of jobs in a business field. Let’s consider some of the popular career options below.

What does it look like to study for a business degree?

Students who major in business gain an overall business acumen as well as learn a wide range of business subjects such as accounting, finance, company law and entrepreneurship. Such versatility in courses allows students to build a comprehensive understanding of how various areas of business work. Moreover, it helps students become experts and expands the number of career options in the future.

Business graduates gain such skills as data analysis, business management, financial planning, understanding financial records, project management, and more.

Do you have to write a business management essay?

During their study for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, college students write a lot of assignments that are meant to broaden their understanding of the subject. Assignment types include English essays, research papers, calculations, the text of business plans and many more.

Some universities have an extensive curriculum, so students rely on an essay help service that provide paper writing assistance. These services offer expert paper assistance with all types of academic assignments, from a custom essay or paper to a thesis. The work is done online by native English speakers to ensure the good quality of written papers. As a rule, they provide cheap assistance, so that any student can get help from a professional writer at low pay.

Career options for a business management graduate

Marketing manager

Those graduates who are an expert in social media and are well trained in understanding customer behavior, might find an online marketing job a good fit. These professionals analyze the marketing strategies of their competitors and develop one for promoting the product or service of their company. They develop a digital marketing strategy, identify potential marketing, create advertisement plans and oversee content creation teams.

B2B sales representative

Successful B2B sales professionals possess an understanding of key elements of business functions and are strong negotiators. Not only they need to sell the product or service, but also to resolve the problem of their customers and cultivate long-term relationships. Their daily duties include conducting marketing research, approaching target clients and offering their product. Management skills you’ve learned in college will be of service in this position. B2B sales jobs are highly competitive but pay well, especially in an IT field.

Financial analyst

Financial analysts are responsible for financial forecasting and reporting. They analyze and forecast the company’s financial and investment activities, creating financial models to support effective decision making. Analysts work with graphs and spreadsheets, perform variance analysis and offer recommendations for improvements in finance management. This career path is a great option for someone who is good with figures and possesses sound analytical abilities.

Non-profit manager

It’s a common misconception that business management degree is in demand in for-profit sector only. Yet, managing staff and processes in a non-profit organization requires the same skills and approaches. Non-profit managers coordinate volunteers and paid staff, oversee fundraising activities, oversee the budget and make sure financial statements are in order. They also should comply with the government regulations on nonprofit organizations.

Administrative assistant

Administrative assistant is a perfect role for students with an incomplete Business Manager degree. They provide office support to management and staff, handle incoming emails, calls, and correspondence. Also, administrative assistants may be required to buy tickets and make travel arrangements. And since they compose business letters, they need to be proficient with editing grammar and proofreading documents. They need to be good with computers, polite and attentive to detail.

Project manager

Project managers plan and oversee the project execution so that all projects are completed on time and within budget. They are experts at overseeing project teams which are often cross-departmental and update the stakeholders on the project progress.  These professionals are in demand across various industry, including construction, HR, and IT. Being a PM requires extensive management skills and industry expertise, that’s why graduates often start with junior roles, for example, Assistant project manager.

HR manager

Hiring managers handle all employee-related issues within the organization. They manage the recruitment and selection process, oversee employee relations, track performance, edit documentation and implement training and development activities. Most importantly, a good HR manager ensures that all the above activities and fulfilled in line with the long term business objectives. And a degree in business manager allows the HR understand the needs and career goals of people in specific functions, allowing for better employee relations.

Personal banker

Personal bankers manage money for clients to help them minimize risks and maximize return. Generally, they have a profound knowledge of the banking industry as well as the products and services that the bank offers. They help manage personal account, investments, trust funds, and offer other solutions to help clients maximize their profits. Apart from vast expertise in finances, this job requires strong customer service, communication skills and knowledge of financial regulations.

Business essay writer

If you have strong writing skills and want to earn extra money, why not offer writing help online to students? The services of assignment writers and editors are in demand among students who struggle to compose an essay or other document. As an academic writer or editor, you’ll work on orders from students majoring in Business, complying with the instructions and delivering the papers on time.

As you see, a degree in business management offers plenty of opportunities in all company sizes, industries, and sectors. Depending on the career direction you choose, there is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and get a certification (for example, CFA for accountants) or take training organized by your employer to ensure further career progression.


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