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What causes employee demotivation?

By | Pamela Grossman |

Lots of us—likely all of us—have experienced frustrations and disappointments at work from time to time.

Raises or promotions delayed or denied; inadequate and less-than-respectful communications; urgent demands made for no obvious reason: These transgressions add up, and they can bring everyone’s morale down.

When I started to ask friends about work experiences they’d personally found demotivating, the answers were not too surprising. They centered on issues of fairness and respect: “This one manager literally screamed at people in the office. No one wanted to work with him or deal with him.

The place had a constant  turnover, largely because of him—though, ironically, he’s still there.”

“You get no bonus, while the CEO and other top-tier employees get 6-figure bonuses.”

“When the dead weight is praised as much as the hard workers due to being friends, nephews, mistresses, etc. of the boss, the hard workers won’t stick around.”

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