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What Do Modern Day Office Dress Codes Look Like After Years Of WFH?

As we settle back into our routine of returning to the office, understand what the updated dress codes are, and how you can style yourself accordingly


By now, most of us would have received notices from our workplaces on whether we should be returning to the office. After two and a half years of working from home, we’re now ready to go back to our physical work spaces that we were once so well-accustomed with.

This brings up another key question: what does one wear? And after almost three years of working in home clothes, what does this mean for the office dress codes? Are we allowed to wear sweats to the workplace now? What about business formal – is that something we still need to think about?

To help you navigate the new office look, we’ve created a simple guide to understanding dress codes in 2022. With the help of some stylish local celebs and shopping options, use this as your guide to nailing your back to work look.

Business Formal
Credit: @zoetay10/Instagram

If you’re wondering what business formal looks like post-Covid, the good news is that it hasn’t really changed completely. Much like Zoe Tay’s look here, business formal would mean that you should be looking for tailoring to keep you looking smart.

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