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What Does Remote Work Look Like Going Forward?

By | Denise Pirrotti Hummel | Chief Executive Officer at RevWork Inc. (formerly Lead Inclusively), Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches, former EY Partner

As of today, 65% of companies still have around 75% of their workforce working remotely. With vaccines continuing to ramp up and cases continuing to fall, all workplaces are faced with the same question: What does the future of remote work look like?

As of today, company stances on the future of remote work remain all over the place. As one enterprise CEO put it, “nothing will feel normal about office life in 2021”. To me, this statement effectively summarizes the true scale and impact of the pandemic on the way work will get done for the indefinite future. Whatever trends we can extrapolate from this chapter should never be underestimated; and in this regard, no trend holds more resounding impact than remote working.

To put it simply, our ability to understand a future vision of ‘better remote working’ may very well define the future of workplace innovation, experience, and engagement forever. A high majority, 88% in fact, of surveyed tech HR professionals seem to agree with me. The juxtaposition of all these factors prompts a much-needed discussion amongst all of us to help map out what remote work should look like going forward.

How do we maximize remote work for employees and organizations alike? How do we create a working model that satisfies those who prefer remote work compared to those who don’t? What tools/principles can we use to help us arrive at the right balance?

Virtual Workplace Checklist – Download Here

Logistically and Psychologically Re-opening Our Offices – Download Here

What jobs can be better performed remotely?

Look, despite the miracles of technology that allowed us to continue working during the onset of the pandemic, remote work on aggregate has hurt engagement and productivity. That is not to say it hasn’t provided some positive changes to the workplace, but it seems many companies and professionals would most likely benefit from a SAFE return to the office.

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