What I learned from 3 months of hustle in the U.S

Source | Linkedin | By|Jessica Ruthfus 

Well hello!

I’ve sat down to write this about five times.

It was a big three months to round off 2018. Picking up my life and hauling it to San Francisco, hustling the most I’ve hustled, ever. I met with over 200 people in San Francisco, Los Angeles & New York, closed new clients, attended a tonne of events, learned a lot and my confidence went on an absolute rollercoaster.

When I whipped up the quick ‘wrap video’ (above) I really noticed what little evidence I had of the late nights and insane office hours (haha I suppose there weren’t many photogenic moments or pretty vistas with all the cheap takeout and paperwork). Working across two timezones with limited resources was a big leap, but oh so worth it!

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