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What is Agile HR and how are companies adopting It?

Source | LinkedIn | David Green | People Analytics leader | Director, Insight222 & | Conference speaker | Host, Digital HR Leaders Podcast

People Analytics is absolutely central to Agile in HR. Period.

Agile isn’t just for Tech anymore. It’s transforming how organisations hire, develop and manage their people. It’s also transforming how HR interacts with the Workforce from doing things to employees to designing programs and Technology with and for employees. In many ways agile is the backbone of efforts to design, understand and improve the employee experience.

My guest this week on the podcast is Anna Tavis, Clinical Associate Professor of Human Capital Management at New York University and the editor at People + Strategy. Anna also wrote a landmark article in HBR with Peter Cappelli on Agile in HR, so who better for me to discuss this topic with in more detail?

You can listen by clicking the image below or by visiting the podcast website here.

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In our conversation, Anna and I discuss:

  • What agile HR means and why it is becoming increasingly important
  • The skills, mindset and methodologies needed by CHROs and HR to be successful with Anna providing powerful examples of the approaches of Diane Gherson (at IBM) and Donna Morris (at Adobe)
  • Examples of how agile is being employed by companies in HR such as IBM, Bank of Montreal, ING and Spotify

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