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What Is Missing in Most People’s Goal-Setting Strategy

By | Leon Ho |

If you ever want to make progress, you need to have a goal-setting strategy. But I find that a goal-setting strategy alone isn’t enough for us to achieve our goals, you need to be creating a goal-getting strategy as well. This is a hack designed to help you from merely setting goals to knowing fully what actions you need to take and getting them done. There are several elements to this strategy that I find people time and again forgetting about.

Below are the core elements and why having these parts of a goal-getting strategy is so important to your overall growth.


Having a goal in mind isn’t something that takes a lot of time. We all have various desires and dreams. However the challenge at times is finding the right motivation to get to that goal. What has helped me in the past was setting a SMARTER goal.

SMARTER goals are built on SMART goals. The idea is that goals should be:

  • Simple – Is direct and to the point.
  • Measurable – Something that you can note your progress on.
  • Achievable – Is something you can achieve right now.
  • Realistic – Be grounded on your own performance and pacing.
  • Timely – Can be achieved within the time you give yourself.

SMARTER goals build from that by adding two questions:

  • What is the ONE thing you want the most now?
  • Why do you want it?

To help you with answering those questions, I use the 5 Whys framework to dig into a deeper desire. When I first used this strategy it was around the time where I believed it was important to sacrifice one aspect of your life to dedicate time to another. I spent a lot of time working at my job and spent little time looking after myself, or spending time with my wife, and kids.

When my life hit a breaking point – severe back pain from poor posture – I knew I had to get my life back on track. And so amongst many goals, I wanted to work on regaining my strength and not suffer from back pain.

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