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“What is the real power of ideation?”​

Source | LinkedIn : By Sridhar R

“Why do you need to say real power of ideation? I think the word real is redundant.”

“Good morning Prasna. I have been grappling with this issue for a while. I finally decided to use the expression real power. ”


First reason. Unlock The Power Of Ideation seemed a bit tame. Second. I do mean real because in most ideation sessions people do not get the value they deserve. They just scratch the surface.”

“How do you know? How are you so sure?”

“Because I have been struggling with this issue for the last sixteen years. I started experimenting with the various components of an ideation session. I began to see a dramatic difference in results when I got a precise challenge definition, chose the right participants, used the right tools, used a smart selection process. There are times that people need to work individually and times when they need to work in teams.”

“I am not convinced. Give me an example.”

“Let me give you some figures. Let us say we have 25 participants. When we have a clear and sharply defined challenge, the right people, have a non-threatening climate, use the right process and tools the group can generate as many as 1000 raw ideas.”

“What do you mean by a raw idea?”

“It is like an uncut diamond. You know it is a diamond but it not yet ready for use. It needs further work.”

“I am not impressed with your 1000 ideas claim. How many would be new? How many might be relevant and useful?”

“Approximately 20% of the ideas turn out to be new. Not thought of or heard before in that company or industry. ”

“Is that good or bad?”

It is good. When they don’t do things right they do not get a sufficient number of ideas. Nor are the ideas new. That frustrates people. As a result, many in companies people view brainstorming or ideation sessions as a waste of time.”

“That still does not explain real to me.”

“If I used the expression real gold, what would that mean to you?”

“That it is pure and that I get value for the money I spend.”

“When I use the expression real power I am referring to the value they get for the time they spend. 25 people spending 16 hours is a lot of time and money. They don’t want standard stuff. They want good value.”

“I am not entirely convinced but I will let this pass for now. What is happening to your free offer of a digital copy of the prelude and first chapter?”

“So far nearly 100 people have sent me their email addresses.”

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