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What is the Weather in the Office Today?

Source | LinkedIn : By Sahana Shankar

When you start your day, the weather makes a difference. It affects your daily lives and activities in many ways and we are keen to know what weather has to offer us. How many of us as leaders have thought of “What climate are we offering our employees at work?” On a daily basis it affects the CHOICE an employee makes!

When employees work in a supportive environment, they strive to produce results. Such an environment is a “Positive Work Climate”. Work climate is the “Weather of the Workplace.” It influences employees behavior at work. A good work climate can improve  employees work habits while a poor climate can erode the same. Most importantly, a positive work climate leads to and sustains employee motivation and high performance.

For ages we have been talking about managers making a difference. But in today’s workplace where every manager is looked up as an leader, can we as Leaders at all levels create and sustain a positive work climate for our teams? Every workplace has a work climate. To understand the climate of your workplace, begin by asking yourself what it feels like to work with your colleagues, including your manager and your team.

Think back over all your experiences, whether at work, in school, in sports, at a holiday destination or even at restaurants wherein you shared a sense of excitement, warmth & happiness. Think of a place as a tourist you visited, wherein you were Energized, Empowered, Excited, Looking impatient to get started, Motivated , looking forward to visiting that place again and again ! If you have experienced these emotions it is an indication of a positive climate. Similarly, we need to create the same sense of excitements and energy at workplace. Having strongly experienced and seen, indeed a great workplace climate can bring the best in you.

Leaders can often sense when the work climate is affecting employees performance. Absenteeism, unmet performance objectives, lack of initiative and reduced interest in their work or organization are signs that a work climate may be less than optimal. As organizational structures become more complex and expand globally, the need to establish a positive climate is increasingly becoming critical to employee happiness.

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