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What It Really Takes To Be An Authentic Leader

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Being a leader isn’t about how many people you lead. It’s about how you plan on nurturing your team as you help them reach each project’s goal. Unlike other forms of leadership, authentic leadership is built on character

Most of the time, leaders are simply “acting” as they establish another personality in comparison to their day to day lives. But authentic leadership, which comes directly from ancient Greek philosophy, stems from virtues such as fortitude, temperance, justice and prudence.

In order for a person to become an authentic leader, they need to have a flexible style — one that accommodates each teammate. Not only that, but they must be able to take on multiple roles, as they are a mentor and coach. Regardless of the situation, a true authentic leader will put their authenticity above all else and keep communication as real as possible.

The authentic leader has many qualities, but we will discuss the four most important below.

1. Purpose

Some tend to get confused about what really makes a great leader and what role they should have. A true, authentic leader will know that his/her true purpose is to guide people in a professional manner while still keeping communication genuine and focused on results. A leader needs to know which paths to use in order to connect with their team while still guiding them to reach their goals.

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