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What It Takes For A Successful Job Interview In 8 Rules

Source | LinkedIn | Stephen A. SchwarzmanStephen A. Schwarzman is an influencer | Chairman, CEO & Co-Founder of the Blackstone Group, Author of What It Takes, Philanthropist

Being a strong and accurate assessor of talent is perhaps one of the most critical skills required of any entrepreneur. I’ve been thinking about how to do this well since those early interviews on Wall Street and I’m proud to say that Blackstone is a firm that not only attracts, but also develops, highly talented people.

Everyone has their own means of assessing talent. I elaborate further on my own style and methods in my book, What It Takes, but I also wanted to share some thoughts more broadly on LinkedIn.

I hope you’ll find these insights useful regardless of whether you’re the interviewer or the interviewee.

My approach interviews: Watch how a candidate reacts to uncertainty

When I interview people for Blackstone, I’m looking to understand whether an individual will fit our culture. At a minimum, this includes the airport test: Would I want to be stuck waiting at the airport with you if our flight were delayed?

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