What it takes to raise a Series A in San Francisco right now

Source | medium.com | Jacob Mullins

Every day I talk with entrepreneurs raising a Series A. And as an entrepreneur, myself who has raised venture capital, I want to do my best in helping others understand how to be most successful in their raise, whether that’s with us at Shasta or with any other investor. This is a conversation I have daily, so I thought I would share in a broader form.

As venture investors we are on both sides of the fundraising coin, coaching and guiding our existing portfolio companies towards successfully raising their next round, while aggressively evaluating and pursuing new investment opportunities. With both sides of the coin we have a pretty targeted understanding of where the market is at any given time.

Now my advice below is objective, this isn’t a data driven analysis, I wanted to share my perspective of being inside the Partner Meeting room every Monday morning, and distill down the core components that VCs are talking about when making decisions.

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