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What makes a classy person? 15 important traits of classy people

By | Louise Jackson |

When I was a kid growing up, I thought my next-door neighbor was the classiest person alive.

She had that Princess Diana vibe going on and I aspired to one day be just like her.

Of course, back then I couldn’t put my finger on why I admired her so much.

As I got older I realized that who she was to her very core embodied sheer class.

Because how classy you are certainly isn’t about your status in society, how much money you have, or how you dress.

It’s about the traits you have and strive to cultivate.

What makes a classy person?

Let’s find out!

1. Well-mannered and polite

Think of any classy person and I suspect you imagine them to be politely spoken.

Classy people mind their p’s and q’s.

They remember to say please and thank you.

Not only because it’s polite, but because they know that being well-mannered is the best way to show respect and gratitude to those around them.

Sadly, a survey back in 2015 found that 75% of people think Americans are becoming ruder and less civilized.

Which is perhaps why good manners stand out so much in a crowd.

As well as a courtesy to others, being polite is also self-serving, and can be significant to your success.

Research noted that a whopping 85% of people say that being courteous to coworkers has an impact on a person’s career prospects.

2. Confident

Often when we can’t quite put our finger on what makes someone so alluring — it’s confidence.

That’s the secret sauce.

We pick up on that inner confidence that tells us when someone is comfortable in their own skin.

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