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What Makes TikTok Tick

By | Abhijit Bhaduri |Keynote speaker, Author and Columnist

“TikTok’s seven highest paid stars earned a total of $55.5m”
— Forbes

Easy to create content – on the mobile. The Creators love TikTok because it is easy to get fame and do brand tie-ups. Monetisation is a great incentive for content creators. TikTok’s seven highest paid stars earned a total of $55.5m from work on and off. the platform last year, triple the sum it counted in 2020. TikTok has also recently introduced ways for users to provide gifts and tips to favoured creators, boosting the incentive to produce fresh material and providing fees to TikTok.

The videos are short and easy to watch. Low time wasted even if the video is bad. In a few seconds the video is over, whether it is good or bad. More videos watched means more data about each user. Makes TikTok’s algorithm powerful than any other.

From video to e-commerce

Tiktok is launching a new food delivery service called TikTok Kitchen that creates its menu items based on viral videos. TikTok Kitchen will be a ‘virtual restaurant’ that serves customers exclusively by delivery and pick-up from orders placed online and over the phone.

The result: TikTok is more popular than Google in 2021. More than a BILLION users use it every month and spend more time on it than Facebook, Insta & WhatsApp.

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