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What makes you learn?

By | Santosh Naidu FRCMI | Founder santhnaidu & associates, Coach, Pioneer, Risk & Change Professional, Storyteller, Stimulator

Its new year and a time when everyone thinks of a new beginning with resolutions, habits and goals. This year is quite special in many ways as the world is coming back to life from a deadly pandemic and happy to report that a vaccine that is Made in India is ready is to be made available on just now on priority to all the Covid Warriors who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to save us from this deadly virus from China.

Closer home i.e. industry, many should have concluded with their performance reviews and spending time to discuss and document goals for 2021 and beyond. In that same spirit I am using this banner picture made by my lieutenant Prahalada from Bellary who reviews his performance, I call it dashboard art because he cant write what he did but can draw a picture of his creation and show a count. I am happy to note the progress with what he did, how much he did and how much short of the goal he is followed by my expectations. He is not formally educated but ends up teaching me a thing or two about the market he represents and his craft. He is a gardener, tree pruner, carpenter with knowledge of agriculture amongst many skills/aspects I don’t know and I therefore renew my carpenting learning goals this year as I missed the outdoors last year due to the lockdown. For now I am carving this piece of wood represented here is an older version much more progress now

Carving a Ramm's horn from an old pomegranate branch

A lot has been said about LEARNING over the past few months especially in the post-covid period about unlearning and relearning. Being an industry practitioner and knowing the importance of learning, I was very curious of learning about this development and the new hype around learning. Incase you are someone who regularly reads what I write you might relate to my fascination with keywords, marketing (what’s trending) and psychology.

Keen to explore this, I started asking industry experts in known social forums about:

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