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What Recruiters Can Do to Ensure Every Candidate Has a Fair Shot at the Interview

Source | | John Vlastelica

I’ve been thinking a lot about access. Specifically, the access some candidates have — or don’t have — to information about interviewing process. 

Some of us grew up knowing people who worked in big companies — our parents, our friends, our college professors. When our time came to interview for jobs, they could give us insights into what we’d likely be asked and help us prepare for behavioral interviewing or white-board or role-play questions. Overall, they could help us understand what potential employers are REALLY listening for when asking certain questions.  

But, some of us didn’t have any of that — and that’s a huge disadvantage. Not knowing what to expect or how to prepare would absolutely impact a candidate’s interviewing performance and the perception of that performance by corporate recruiters and hiring managers. And, in many cases, hiring teams will hire someone who is a great interviewee over a great performer (a false positive hiring decision) or decline someone who is a poor interviewee who would have been a great employee (a false negative hiring decision).  

My challenge to each of us in 2020 and beyond

I feel like, as recruiters, we have an obligation to help candidates succeed. In fact, I think this could be a New Year’s resolution for all of us. 

This doesn’t mean sharing every little detail about what we’re listening for in our competency based questions or telling them the key phrases to use to influence a particular hiring manager. What we need to do is bring transparency to the overall interviewing process — the “what to expect” part that’s not always accessible to all candidates. I mean, if your goal is to recruit from non-traditional sources to improve diversity, then its a colossal waste for a candidate to fail only because they didn’t know how to prepare. Am I right?  Yes, I am right :).

So, what can we do?

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