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What should you know about a DBA degree?

By | Albert Tom

With the modern business domain becoming increasingly complex and competitive, universities and colleges across the world are expanding the array of business administration degrees they offer to cater to the diversity in the career roles at different levels in the industry.

The DBA qualification is one among these advanced business management degrees that can enhance your business career. Keep reading to learn more about this advanced business degree.

What is a DBA degree?

The Doctorate in Business Administration or DBA degree is an extremely specialised course in the business management domain and is suitable for business aspirants looking to pursue their careers in this field. Being an advanced degree, it can practically guarantee a successful corporate career but has a rigorous course work that demands your complete dedication and commitment.

What are the benefits to pursue a DBA qualification?

A Doctorate in Business Administration is one of the highest qualifications in the corporate business landscape and can elevate your career if you want to pursue it in the business domain. Here are the most important advantages of pursuing a DBA qualification.

  • You get access to higher salaries: Since a DBA qualification can launch your career in higher business management positions, you can expect to earn a six-figure salary almost immediately after you graduate. Irrespective of the company size, most organisations will be willing to offer you a handsome salary package in exchange for your skills and expertise.
  • You can choose from a wide array of career options: A DBA qualification can be versatile and can prepare you for pursuing a business career in any domain such as education or healthcare. The course also builds an extensive set of transferable skills that can help you prove your worth in any sector.
  • You develop an advanced set of business and management skills: A DBA can enhance your resume and help you impress potential employers with your advanced skills and knowledge gained from the extensive coursework. A DBA can train you in all the important aspects of management and administration required for senior corporate positions. The course can offer a more practical and hands-on training of running a business as opposed to a PhD in the subject which would focus more on the theoretical aspects.
  • You can differentiate yourself from other candidates: Pursuing a DBA degree can show your willingness and commitment to go the extra mile for your career and sets you apart from the generic MBA graduate crowd. It can also be a bonus when you apply for some of the most senior positions in the corporate landscape such as directors and C-suite executives.

What are the career prospects of a Doctorate in Business Administration?

A DBA course can be very versatile and equip you for a career in any well-paying job in the business-administration sector. Some of the fascinating career options available after a DBA qualification include sales directors, research and development directors, C-level executives such as CEOs and CFOs, and marketing heads.

Apart from these positions, you can also choose to work as a high-end business consultant, logistics manager, or a venture capitalist. Your DBA experience can also allow you to become an entrepreneur and start a company from scratch which can give you the power to generate employment and contribute to the economy. Consider the value for doctorate in business administration and enroll in a DBA course today.

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