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What Skills and Knowledge do you Require to be a Leader

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To become a good leader, one has to simply be a good person, says our expert Sakshi Shrivastava Desai, Compliance Strategy and Analytics Lead, Johnson & Johnson, in an Expert Chat on ‘Skills and Knowledge Required to Be a Leader’. 

To become a leader you have to be understanding, empathetic and a people’s person. How you treat people around you is a major aspect that determines your journey to becoming a leader and also how good you are as a leader.  

For Women Returnees / Women on a Career Break

Sakshi says that women on a career break who are doubtful about getting back to work should work on building their confidence.

Women returnees can pave their path to leadership roles by:

  • Doing thorough research about the field they want to specialise in
  • Upskilling to keep up with the latest trends in their field
  • Actively participating in and/or attending networking events to stay updated about industry trends
  • Being confident and highlighting skills and experience gained during the break.
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What Will Make You a Leader?

  • Being a visionary 

As a leader, you should always have a vision. Your vision should be a shared one — it should be one that is a common focus point for everyone on your team, a vision that is discussed with your teammates and in accordance with everyone.

  • Communication skill is key

A leader must be good at communicating. He/she should be a good listener and orrator, and should always listen to and consider the suggestions and ideas of teammates.

  • Be technically proficient

This determines your team’s confidence in you. A leader should be technically proficient, only then will his/her team be confident with their decisions. Only when you are resourceful will you be able to perform your duties as a leader. So, this skill is one of the ‘must-have’ skills to become a leader.

What are the other important skills required to become a good leader?  

Watch this Expert Chat by Sakshi Shrivastava Desai, Compliance Strategy and Analytics Lead, Johnson & Johnson.

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