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What to Do When Your Boss Is a Workaholic and Expects You to Be One Too

By | Melody J. Wilding |

So, your boss is a workaholic and expects you to emulate her? Whether that means working ridiculous hours, inhaling lunch at your desk (or skipping it altogether), and even sacrificing your weekends, reporting to a person like this can be taxing on both your career and home life.

The negative impact of problem managers is pervasive. Studies consistently link a lack of support for work-life balance by managers to fewer profits and more on-the-job mistakes. What’s more, a bad boss may literally be making you sick: One study found that 77% of employees experienced physical symptoms as a result of poor relationships with their bosses.

The added pressure may not only have you considering jumping ship at your current job, but may follow you home, leaving you on edge long after you leave the office. Bottom line: The stress of working for someone with a distorted sense of work-life balance simply isn’t sustainable.

If you find yourself answering to a workaholic, you may be heading for burnout. And if you don’t crash, then you’re probably riddled with anxiety that if you fail to measure up to your boss’ impossible standards, you’ll be shown the door.

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