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What Will Make You a Freedompreneur

By | Rakshitha Acharya |

Become a Freedompreneur, Make Limitless Business Choices 

You might wonder who a freedompreneur is, what a freedompreneur does  and if it is any different from being an entrepreneur. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, because by the end of this blog you will know everything about being a freedompreneur and might also be convinced to take it up as your career!

This blog is based on an Expert Chat with Jahnavi Katti, Digital Storyteller & Coach, KeyKonnecct. 

The Difference Between an Entrepreneur and a Freedompreneur

Just to make it easy, let’s differentiate using pointers:

Entrepreneur- An entrepreneur is someone who has built a business of their own and has a 9 to 5 job (in most of the cases, more than 9 to 5). As the creator of the idea, they will have to work 24/7 to make their idea a successful one.

Freedompreneur- A freedompreneur, on the other hand, is a person who creates and runs a business that focuses on freedom — freedom from a fixed office, a fixed schedule and a mundane lifestyle. 

Entrepreneur- An entrepreneur trades time for money. In entrepreneurship, more time = more money.

Freedompreneur- For freedompreneurs, the focus is more on achieving “the” dream, being able to have a flexible and healthy lifestyle, pursuing their passion and spending time with their family. At the end of the day earning money does matter to them, but not at the cost of their passion or way of life.

Entrepreneur- As an entrepreneur, if you ever decide to make a change in your business plans and deviate from what you began with, that transition becomes a problem because of the huge investments you have made. You will have to go through the entire process of building a business from scratch again.

Freedompreneur- For a freedompreneur, their mobile phone is their office. Yes, the entire business is run online because of which flexibility becomes their friend. So, if you ever realise that your calling is different from what you started with, the switch is feasible. 

Entrepreneur- Rent, salary, expense, investments and everything else related to capital is always a stressful burden for an entrepreneur.

Freedompreneur- Freedompreneurs need only themselves. Their work relies on a laptop/computer system, a desk and a work-friendly atmosphere. Hence, they have less financial stress to deal with.

Now, let’s understand what you need to become a freedompreneur.

The Qualifications and Basic Requirements to Become a Freedompreneur

The best part about being a freedompreneur is that there is NO specific qualification required. The only requirement is for you to have the zeal to follow your passion. You need to bank on your skills and the knowledge you have gathered over the years to start off and become a successful freedompreneur. In the end, it is only your passion and expertise that will take you ahead.

How to Deliver the Best as a Freedompreneur

Hard work — it’s the only factor that will help you deliver the best. Though being a freedompreneur revolves around working the convenient way, nothing comes easy. Once you pick your field, or have developed an idea, you have to put your heart and soul in it. Only hard work can achieve the unimaginable. 

You have to make a fixed plan and work accordingly. You have to dedicate time towards your dream every day. Make sure you are done with all of your other responsibilities and dedicate yourself with a clear mind, entirely to your work.  

In the end of the day, it is your idea, your work, your time, your responsibility and your business. Only you can make it work.

Now, after reading all of this, do you feel that becoming a freedompreneur is your calling? Then, know more on how you can reach your calling in this Expert Chat video: 

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