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What Women Want from #Budget2017 to Succeed in the Workplace

Source | LinkedIn : By Neha Bagaria

Nations are built on the living, breathing backs of working families. What powers economies is the sweat, stress, and toil of hardworking women and men, whose families benefit from and bear the brunt of that hard work.

There are nations who have figured out how to retain their female workforce, which they consider an invaluable asset to their economic systems, by valuing their work as well as their families, and the vitally necessary time that they need to devote to each.

Then, there are nations who are looking to embrace those values for their people, because they see that it is the only way ahead in the 21st-century workplace.

And then, there are nations who need to wake up and smell the stale coffee that’s been going cold on the desk in the workplace that has lost its female workforce because their policies just do not match the stark realities of what it takes to balance work and family.

Which one is ours?

Workplace policies must get more family-friendly before we have another disaster on our hands in terms of losing out on highly-educated, highly-qualified, and highly-experienced workers to elevate our socio-economic goals to where they need to be instead of where they are.

Too many women have walked out a spinning door and been too scared, shamed, and disillusioned by socio-cultural stigmas to look back…

“The problem is that when we go back to work after becoming mothers, we are given less responsibility and unimportant projects since we can’t stay for long hours. Companies start considering us the weakest link in the team.” – Anjali Bhushan

“Unlike the West, in India it is very common for employers to probe the marital status and family situation from a woman seeking a job. It is a big consideration in selection, so it is not wrong if women feel discriminated against.” – Shiv Aggarwal, MD – ABC Consultants

Indian women need to know that their country needs them to pick up where they left off and restart their careers. They need to know that they are valued – for the best years of their lives that they put into their education, for the beginning, struggling years of their careers making little or no money for long hours of experience, for those mid-level, arduous-climb years to earn the promotions that they knew were theirs.

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