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What You May Need When Starting A Bulk Shipping Company

By | Hannah Boothe

If you’re thinking about starting a bulk shipping company, there are some things that you may need. It would be important to consider the costs of starting a company and the process you’ll go through to start up. Here is a list of what you may need.

1. Startup Capital

Start-up costs vary based on the company itself. If starting up a freight shipping company, you’ll need to pay for fuel, insurance, and potentially even a warehouse if you want to deliver your items. If you’re getting items shipped to customers or doing your shipping, then this will be an enormous cost for your start-up. You can always outsource these things if you find them pricey or unnecessary.

2. Insurance

There will also be insurance fees. For example, if you’re getting a trucking company going, you’ll need to pay for cargo insurance in case of any accidents. If you are shipping items to customers or doing your shipping, you’ll need to ensure that each package is insured so that customers don’t have to pay any extra money if the item is broken in the mail. This can be tricky and require additional fees, which must be paid at the post office.

3. Business Permits and Licensing Fees

There are also licensing fees for bulk shipping companies. For example, your freight shipping company will need to pay for a business license, and you may need to pay extra money for a license if you’re doing anything special. Business permits allow you to operate freely without inconveniences to the government.

4. Freight Costs

Freight costs are also a large part of any bulk shipping company. You will have to pay for the fuel and time in which items are shipped to deliver items. This will be fixed at a set price based on the distance and items shipped to customers. You can deliver the services through drayage, Oakland has many options for importing and exporting.

5. Vehicles to Transport Your Items

You’ll need to purchase vehicles to transport your goods. If you are shipping to customers, you can use your vehicles. If you’re shipping, the freight company will often pick up your items and deliver them.

You’ll also need to ensure that each item is packed with the correct cushioning and that it will be fully insured. If you’re shipping items to customers, you’ll need to purchase packing supplies so that your items aren’t damaged during transit.

6. Office Space

You will also need to think about the office space you need to set up to run a shipping business. This would include office space for billing, inventory management, and any other related services you may need.

7. Packing Materials

If you’re shipping your items to customers, you’ll also need packing supplies. This would include packing tape, boxes, bubble wrap, and other supplies that will ensure your items are fully protected during shipping.

8. A Storefront

Depending on the type of bulk shipping company that you’re starting, you may need a physical storefront. For example, if you’re running a standard shipping company that ships your products to customers, you may need a retail store where people can come in and purchase items. You can also open an online storefront to reach as many people as possible. Online stores can be a way of marketing your goods and services.

9. Delivery Methods

Sometimes the delivery method will vary based on the product you’re shipping. If you are sending items to customers, you will need to use UPS or USPS to send things through their service channels. For example, if you’re sending a package to a customer’s house, then the carrier may not be able to deliver your packages directly to the customer’s house.


The cost of starting a freight shipping company can be very high. You’ll need to keep an eye on the fees, and you will also have to watch your spending since it is easy to go over budget. If you’re finding that you are running out of funds quickly, you’ll also need to consider outsourcing some of the expensive or unnecessary services so that you don’t go into debt. If your business keeps growing, then your costs will naturally decline, and they may not even be huge factors anymore in a long time.

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