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What You Need to Do When You Decide to Drop Out of a Job Interview

By | Richard Moy |

During a long job search, it can seem ridiculous to turn down an interview. Even when it’s obvious that a position is totally wrong for you, there are always reasons to see it through anyway. Sometimes you think you could use the interview practice. Other times, you’re convinced that you’ll learn something about the company or the role itself that will change your mind.

The truth is that it’s perfectly fine to drop out if and when you realize you wouldn’t accept the job. But there are a few things you should do before (and after) you make the final call.

Don’t Rush the Decision

It’s easy to hear a couple things during the process that make you say, “Geez, this place sounds insane! I’d better run out of this room before they offer me this terrible job!” While you should pay attention to potential issues along the way (such as these red flags), it’s also important not to jump to conclusions based on one or two early-round interviews.

At this point, ask yourself why you’ve started considering dropping out. In my experience, there are two reasons people initially get to this point: they’ve either heard something that rubbed them the wrong way, or there’s something deeper (and more personal) going on.

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