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What Your Family Needs to Do After a Car Accident

By | Victoria Smith

Getting involved in a car accident, even a minor one, could be a nerve-wracking experience. This experience leaves numerous repercussions, including many invisible and visible injuries, which impact how the victims continue to lead their lives. It becomes hard to watch a loved one experience this, so you find ways to help. If one of your loved ones has recently encountered the devastation of a car accident, then read through this guide on what you can do to offer meaningful and compassionate support in the aftermath of an accident.

Ensure Safety

1.      Calm Down

You will probably become scared, angry, nervous, shocked, guilty, or a combination of all those emotions after learning your loved one got involved in a road accident. However, it’s essential to remain calm so you can make sound and rational decisions to handle the accident best.

2.      Support Physical Injuries

The days after an accident may be overwhelming. Also, road accidents can lead to devastating injuries, which can take months to heal- some have long-term effects. Watching a loved one struggle to cope with physical pain, missed work, financial worries, and more might be difficult. Since you’re not handling the immediate aftermath of the car accident personally, you are in a better position to help the victim in several ways. Below are some of the things you can do to create a positive environment and support a family member nursing temporary physical injuries:

  • Help with daily needs- cleaning, cooking, getting medications and groceries, and driving them to the hospital.
  • Sometimes, people only need to vent, so listen to them.
  • Ensure they have the right equipment to support their physical injuries, such as a handrail for the shower.
  • Ensure they are getting enough sleep to help the body heal faster.
  • Help them get out of the house if it’s safe- a walk outside can help improve their situation.

Provide Support to Victims

3.      Support Psychological Trauma

In some cases, injuries are invisible. They might be hidden and manifest as unresolved trauma. A significant repercussion of car accidents is physiological conditions like PTSD and anxiety. Many survivors show PTSD symptoms, such as intrusive memories and nightmares, during the initial weeks after the accident. Luckily, most of these symptoms resolve within 90 days. However, some accident survivors develop chronic PTSD. Besides, many other psychological and emotional impacts result from getting involved in an accident, such as anger, guilt, stress, anxiety, fear, and depression. Whatever your loved one is feeling, validate their feelings and don’t use phrases like “you will get used to this.”

After an accident, your loved one may also get nervous about driving again. The feeling is normal, but with time they will overcome. However, if you think it’s taking too long and feel like the survivor is not moving on with their life, seek extra support from professional mental health services providers.

Deal With Claims and Lawsuits

4.      Talk to a Lawyer

In most cases, road accidents create messy legal situations, perhaps because of dealing with drivers who got on the wrong side of the law or insurance companies. Since the accident victim is dealing with so much, it might not occur to them to contact a lawyer, especially if they are victims of pedestrian accidents. Nevertheless, the support and advice of a Syracuse pedestrian accident lawyer might be just what your loved one needs to settle the issues that result from a car accident and begin a new journey to recovery. If you feel legal presentation would help your loved one get the compensation they deserve, talk to them about hiring an experienced attorney and discuss or help them with the following:

  • Ensure they understand the time limits for filing injury claims; hence they wouldn’t miss the deadlines.
  • Help them organize relevant information such as medical reports, accident reports, lost wages, and property damage records.
  • Ensure your loved one does not sign any paperwork, accept a settlement offer, or make a statement to an insurance provider too early.

If a friend or a family member gets injured in a pedestrian accident, the legal team at William Mattar Law Offices is here to help. For more than 30 years, we have been assisting victims of pedestrian accidents in receiving the compensation they deserve.


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