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What’s Right About Being Wrong

By | Mark Sanborn |

Nobody enjoys being wrong, but there are worse things.

For instance:

     Being wrong and not knowing it (while everyone else does).

     Being wrong and being unable to admit it.

     Being wrong and not understanding why you are wrong.

     Being wrong and not benefiting from the insights of others.

But there are several good things about being wrong if you are willing to admit it.

First, It means you are reasonable. My wife Darla has an uncanny intuition and is not only smart but also has great insights into people. There have been (too) many times when I disagreed with her assessment of someone only to learn she was spot on. I could defend my indefensible conclusion, or admit not just to myself but to her that I was wrong. Unreasonable people never admit they were wrong, or that they were responsible for an outcome.

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