What’s your NORTH STAR?

By | Ramesh Ranjan, Editor 

Where are you headed? What’s your NORTH STAR?

The North Star is important for plenty of reasons. As it doesn’t change its position in the sky, it’s been used since time immemorial as a navigation tool for travelers. Psychologists and Philosophers have used it as a metaphor for an unwavering and unchangeable ideal to follow in ones life.

As Chiara Viscomi on Healthpsych.com says:

“Just as the literal North Star provides direction and helps us stay on course, so does our inner North Star. It’s our inner compass; the part of us that knows our passion, purpose, and life direction.”

You can identify your “North Star” by reflecting on questions such as, “How should I shape my LIFE. What direction should I pursue. What are my values and beliefs that should guide my LIFE path.?”

When you find your North Star, you know where you’re headed.

So aiming toward it is a step towards bringing a sense of purpose and lead to fulfilment & happiness. It helps us to take more chances in life since if you lose your way, you’ve got a lighthouse to anchor. Its ones best friend at times of adversity.

Here is my NORTH STAR?

North Star

What is Yours?

May the course of your life be aimed at your own North Star, and more importantly

Are You someone else’s guiding star?

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