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What’s Your Unique Selling Point?

Source | | ANDREW LORD

There’s no denying differentiation is one of the core principles of the marketing theory, and perhaps its most strongly held belief. Despite Byron Sharp’s view of distinctiveness, as a more effective approach to branding, only a few marketers dare to question its acceptability.

Also referred to as Unique Selling Proposition, or Unique Selling Point, the term (by definition) is what sets a brand’s products or services apart from its competitors. It is often conveyed in a simple phrase or concise message, such as a tagline, and aimed to reach a brand’s target audience on an emotional level, consequently driving sales.

Although an essential component of any marketing strategy, the USP is often overlooked by organizations. The problem I find is, a lot of companies just go through business doing very similar things to their competitors and not effectively explaining, even if indirectly, why their service or product is the better option. In simpler terms, what’s in it for the people who are buying it?

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