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When should you walk away

By | Subhashis Banerji

You need to learn – how to walk away from people-situation-things and also from arguments-upsets-regrets-failures-mistakes.

Especially from all those people-situation-things – which make you feel utterly miserable-depressed-melancholic-sad-angry and puts you into highly negative-detrimental-harmful and unresourceful emotional-mental states.

When we talk about walking away – it is not escaping to avoid facing the facts and truths – but creating a distance from all those things – which only poisons your soul, your well-being, your peace of mind and disturbs the balance and tranquility of your life – without giving you any benefits or advantages.

Walking-away is not a sign of weakness and cowardice – on the contrary you need hell of a lot of courage to walk away.

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