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When Things Get Crazy, Look for Ways To Empower Your Team

By | Karin Hurt |

Want to empower your team? Find opportunities in the chaos.

During times of uncertainty and change, it’s easy for your team to get lost in the chaotic swirl of indecision —to wring their hands and wait and see. It’s also the perfect time to empower your team, to step up and take the lead.

“Where there is chaos, seize control.”

One of my early bosses and mentors, Gail, said this to me almost daily during a turbulent time at Verizon. Gail was a world-class role model of how to empower your team.

I was young and newly promoted in an HR role in the midst of a big merger. We were reorganizing every department.  Everyone had a new boss and a new team. Many senior leaders were in the midst of relocating their families to Manhattan which added to the distraction.

We were merging systems, policies, programs—you name it.

Every time I would walk through her open door with an idea, she would say the same thing: “Where there is chaos ____________ (and she would smile, wait for me to fill in the blank with the words “seize control”, and then eagerly listen to what I had to say.)

“Seizing control” had nothing to do with power or politics. It was all about learning to lead courageously when others were not, and to do the right thing for the business.

Gail knew we knew that.

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