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“When we tell people to do their jobs, we get workers. When we trust people to get the job done, we get leaders”​.

Source | LinkedIn : By Oleg Vishnepolsky

That’s a great quote from the famous Simon Sinek’s article on letting go and trusting the team.

When I took my first management job years ago, I had 0 leadership skills.

Like many other people in tech I was promoted for my technical knowledge.

20+ years later I am still learning, and I will continue learning for the rest of my career.

There is lots to leadership: do not create stupid rules, appreciate negative feedback you get, integrity first, encourage creativity, reward and celebrate successes, help others realize their dreams, honor your promises, know the difference between hard-work and over-work, never stop learning and never stop developing your team, help instead of blame, do not ask others to do what you would not do yourself, respond rather than react, ready to take a bullet for your people, learn to say yes and no, challenge status-quo and yourself.

Integrity: It is always better to lose doing the right thing, than to win doing the wrong thing.

Empowerment: Walk fast to follow your people because you are their leader.

Support: People come to managers with solutions, to leaders with problems they need help with.

However, if I had to sum up in 4 sentences only what I learned about leadership so far it would be this:

When you share your dream with others, your dream becomes a goal.

When together with others, you break down the goal into steps, the goal becomes a plan.

When you trust your team with the plan, you become a leader.

If you support others in everything they need, they will make your dream come true.

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