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When You Know It’s Time To Find A New Job

By | Goodwill Car Donations

Does your current job have you down? Do you feel unappreciated or as if the position is going nowhere? Know that you’re not alone as many people feel this way at one point or another. To help, here are a few notable signs it’s time to update your resume and move on to the next opportunity.

One major red flag that shouldn’t be ignored is being depressed about work round-the-clock. Having a bad day every now and again is one thing. However, if it’s a struggle topry yourself out of bed in the morning or it’s impossible to enjoy the weekend due to dreading Monday, it’s a clear sign this job isn’t good for your mental health.

Similarly, if a heavy workload combined with outside stress has become unmanageable, it may be time to take a step back or look for something new. Often, people will stay in a position despite being overwhelmed due to pay, benefits or financial obligations. Doing so is generally unsustainable and could result in serious burnout and end up hurting them or their families in the long run.

Lastly, are thereinterpersonal issues at work? Such socially basedproblems might include not getting along well with your boss, toxic attitudes from peers or inexcusable office-widedrama. The toll from being surrounded by thesestressful relations each and every workday can add up, making work life a living nightmare. So too can having coworkers or superiors continually undermine your work or its value. If you’re experiencing disrespect like this, it could be why you are discontented or even miserable on and off the job.


It can be difficult to know when it’s the right time to leave a job or when to stick it out. The key is to spend time weighing the pros and cons while also looking inward to see if it’s short-term dissatisfaction ortruly profound unhappiness.

For additional signs on when to find a new job, please see the accompanying resource.


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Goodwill Car Donations is a national organization that accepts vehicle donations. It is committed to providing disadvantaged individuals with job training, employment services and critical community-building support.


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