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When Your “Ask” Runs Into a Brick Wall— Find the Loose Brick

By | Art Petty |

Shameless flattery: the brick wall/loose brick statement in the title is paraphrased from Keith Ferrazzi’s foreword to Just Listen by Mark Goulston.

Imagine you invested a great deal of time doing the background research, compiling the data, and building your presentation deck for a new initiative at work, only to have it ignored or dismissed.

Or, consider the help you need from the manager in another group. Maybe it’s an essential resource for your project. Or, perhaps you want to bring a new process to life to promote increased efficiency.

It’s devastating when the person you are asking for support says “No,” and you’re left with your needs unfulfilled and a sense that “They just don’t get it.”

I encounter individuals navigating these types of situations all of the time, and I empathize with anyone experiencing rejection of well-developed ideas and requests. However, before frustration boils over or you go into a deep funk and start thinking about getting a new job, think about what you missed in the process.

It’s About Them, Not You

In most cases, people miss by a mile for one big reason: they are preoccupied with their “ask” and fail to consider the situation from the individuals who hold decision-making authority.

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