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When Your Authority Fluctuates Throughout the Day

By | Eric M. Anicich | Michael Schaerer | Jake Gale | Trevor A. Foulk |

Summary.   For many of us, the power we feel at work — how much, when it occurs, and around whom — can fluctuate. This can result in a surprising increase in stress and a decrease in well-being. To address this, consider these strategies for making power imbalances more…

Most of us have answered the following question countless times: “What do you do for work?” If you’re like most people, you would probably respond with something like “project manager,” “IT support specialist,” or “vice president of sales.”

But job titles are not verbs. Although they may communicate something about your formal standing in the organizational hierarchy, they don’t necessarily reflect how powerful you feel, day-to-day and moment-to-moment, at work.

For example, consider the following quotes from two different people in our personal and professional networks — Nina and Morgan — about their sense of power on the job. 

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