Where startups save time and money in Idea validation ?

By | Virendra | Principal Consultant and Director BigPerl Solutions (

It is always good to do the things and make it right rather do the right. This helps in faster go to market and Idea validation.

Quick Go To Market : Time is Money. Most of the times we try to build robust and high performing IT product in first release of idea validation, during this people tend to loose most of bootstrap time and money. It is always good idea to go to market with POC (Proof Of Concept) and do idea validation.

Technology Selection: This is one of most important part product development. There are multiple technologies available which are freemium model as well as robust. Choose technologies which serves good in next 2–3 years requirement. Consumer and technologies both are dynamic, so don’t try to build Projects for next 10 years. (Either you end up changing product for customer or technology upgrade)

Cheap Evaluation of Projects : Did you ever come across customers asking to clone of or less then USD $3000 ? And most of the companies ready to build and deliver even cheaper J . Let’s respect people who has build great platforms. Try to build something unique in terms usability (easy to use) for all stakeholders. This is the only way to become differentiator.

Subscription Model Platforms: How is idea to go for customizable subscription model projects in first year of bootstrap. This gives faster go to market and least upfront investment on product development. Think of investing more only when you start getting good customer acceptance.

Focus on business and not technology : Boot strap time and money both are precious. Most of startups start focus on technology which is not their core business and lose focus from their business.

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