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Where The Matrix got it wrong

Source | LinkedIn : By Javier B Graterol F

We all saw The Matrix and got hooked on the idea of a world run by machines, making us their slaves for power and energy, but actually, we are heading on that direction and it would not be such a bad idea as we imagine.

Technology keeps developing at an incredible pace, every day people find solutions for problems, some we did not even know we had and others we were trying to solve for centuries. The Internet has made this possible because of information and collaboration, making it easier for people to share ideas, and wonder creatively to keep pushing our boundaries.

The next big leap will come from Virtual Reality, were we are going to be able to connect and experience things as if we were there and is just the beginning.

Imagine for a second 30 years from now. VR has gone on steroids and now everything that you experience inside get transmitted trough sensors to your body, so advance that you brain wont even know you are inside a simulation.

VR is in every house, so you decide to enter to your world, one that you designed from scratch and invite some friends over. You can drink with them without the hangover next morning, you can travel and wonder the worlds, take pictures of those places you have always wants to see and never could.

All that is ok, but here is where it gets interesting. You can build anything, ANYTHING you want inside here; things you never could because you did not have the tools, the knowledge or the time. You can ask help from people all around the world in your project and within an instant have a helping hand that knows and can teach you, or simple download knowledge on how to do anything we already know.

You could finally experience what is like to be a doctor in an operating room with out the danger of killing someone, and actually learn about it. Take away the fear and danger of failure and give all people on earth all the tools we have right now and what we have developed in the last 200 years will be kids play.

Imagine a world were everybody’s perfect world can coexists, were you can spend your days traveling, creating, inventing, experimenting, LEARNING trough experience how everything works.

We could finally recreate from the ground political systems that are simple no able to work in our current reality because of how we have come here in the first place. The matrix looked for a world that contains the mind of all humans, a world govern by the same rules we have, instead of allowing each mind to experience and create their own world, but interconnected with all others.

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