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While Employees Work from Home, Are Companies Still Liable?

Whether or not an employee is working from an office, there are still some health and security risks that are a company’s responsibility. Questions have been raised about overtime and workers’ comp

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(TNS) — The COVID-19 pandemic has turned kitchen tables and spare rooms into impromptu offices. The sudden shift has left employers with a host of questions about managing employees remotely.

In some ways, Alisa Spector Angelo had a leg up on the problem. She’s been an advocate of flexible work arrangements, both as a boss — she’s president of Compass Business Solutions Inc. — and as a human resources professional.

Her Cranberry-based consulting firm, which serves as an outsourced HR department for other companies, already had employees working primarily from their home offices. Since March, she’s been doling out that expertise to organizations that find themselves suddenly thrust into a virtual work environment.

There are questions that can be answered with legal or contractual documents. For example, do non-salaried employees still get overtime when working from home? Yes.

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