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White noise to study: Does it really work?

By | John Preston

White noise to study is a method that many people have been using to achieve the concentration required when working on studying a subject that they consider difficult.

The idea is that through white noise, those sounds that can disturb your activities or study are blocked. This way you can devote all your attention to the subject you want to learn.

White noise to study can be a very good option for those people who seek to improve their concentration during their study time.

What does white noise mean?

Although you may have heard of this term, you may not be very clear about what white noise means.

The so-called “white noise” is a broadband random noise that has the same intensity at all frequencies, from 20 to 20,000 Hz.

Some experts suggest that white noise can serve as a wall that blocks out other sounds. This “screen” isolates you and allows you to sleep or study peacefully. Above all, to those people who tend to get distracted or wake up easily.

Uses of white noise to study and concentrate

Once the concept of what white noise is defined, let’s see its usefulness.

White noise to study and concentrate is the subject of numerous studies. There are people who find it difficult to make an effort when studying. For this reason, many teachers recommend studying without any type of sound.

However, this is not an immovable maxim. Other people learn better when they have background noise from music or television.

There are specialists who indicate that this type of common noise can achieve greater distraction, so it would in any case reduce the ability to concentrate when studying.

Based on these studies, white noise to study and strengthen is an alternative to study for people with attention problems.

Since 1960 white noise has been used to help sleep, hence this technique has been included as a method to maintain concentration in some students.

Currently there are several studies that positively link white noise with studies in mathematics, even evidencing a short-term improvement in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

But keep in mind that the effects of white noise may depend on the personal situation of each individual.

There are some studies in which white noise and similar sounds such as music or television increase the comprehension, memory and learning capacity of those people who are introverted.

Benefits of white noise for studying

There are some benefits of white noise to study, which are suggested by some people who have used it to concentrate better:

  • White noise manages to camouflage the rest of the noises that surround the person who is studying.
  • Helps promote concentration and relaxation.
  • Various types of white noise can be used to improve concentration, of course without abusing the sound level.
  • As it is a constant and calm sound, it helps prevent startles, favoring a state of calm.
  • It manages to mask even noises such as cars on the street or people outside talking.
  • They can be helpful for people who suffer from tinnitus or small ringing in the ear. To do this, it should be consulted with a specialist doctor before using it.

White noise concentration and studies clearly go hand in hand. Used well, white noise to study is one of the best resources that the student has today.

Disadvantages of using white noise to study

As with almost everything in life, just as there are advantages to using white noise for studying, there are also certain disadvantages.

However, its disadvantages are slight.

Among the most outstanding are that you should not get used to always using white noise to study or sleep, since you could generate a certain dependence on the resource.

It is also not recommended that those people who have a sleep disorder or disease such as apnea resort to this method. They can get somewhat counterproductive results.

The best advice we can give you is to consult a specialist. A doctor will help you properly treat any concentration problems and will guide you to use white noise to study.

Where to download white noise to study?

Currently, thanks to technological advances, white noise can be obtained on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Whether your device is Android or iPhone, you can find many applications that allow you to download white noise for study without problem.

There are headphones that help eliminate external noise and thus reproduce white noise more efficiently. In this way, you can improve your concentration while studying.

What to keep in mind when using white noise?

The use of white noise to study and concentrate is a very good option, but you must use it efficiently.

When searching through concentration white noise, you must take into account aspects such as:

  • Before you start studying try to block out as much noise as possible. Music, places with a lot of noise or television are disturbing agents of concentration.
  • Once those noises that you can control are eliminated, turn to white noise and adjust it to that level at which you notice that you can concentrate without being disturbed by external sounds.
  • Remember that using very loud white noise, in places where there is already excessive noise, may also disturb you. You must not exceed its level.
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