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Who are your idea-mentors in HR, leadership, organization, or talent?

By | Dave Ulrich | Speaker, Author, Professor, Thought Partner on HR, Leadership, and Organization

Who are your idea-mentors?

I have incredible lifetime, personal mentors who continually guide me, and I have remarkable, lifetime colleagues who support and teach me. In addition, I have been blessed to have dozens (if not hundreds) of creative and thoughtful professional colleagues who model excellence.

But I also have idea-mentors who are colleagues I personally know who perform thoughtful, forward-looking, research-based, and relevant work. They each have a track record of fresh ideas that expand as their ideas evolve. This means more than one message, story, experience, post, or book; it means a stream of innovative ideas, generally related in personal conversations and captured in books that immortalize and perpetuate their ideas.

I am asked from time to time whose work (or what book) I would recommend. The following list of authors (listed alphabetically) are some of the works of my idea-mentors whose ideas have shown up in book form and in personal conversations. Obviously, so many others’ ideas show up in LinkedIn posts, TED talks, and other forums.

I am so indebted to my lifetime mentors, personal colleagues, and professional relationships, but these idea-mentors have shaped my thinking and action. Their work is institutionalized in their books but even more through personal conversations where they have taught me by word and by deed. I hope I give due credit for how much their work has shaped my work and sufficient gratitude for their past and future contributions to me and to others.

Who are your idea-mentors?


Michael Beer

John Boudreau

Wayne Brockbank

Peter Cappelli

Ram Charan

Chester Elton (and Adrian Gostick)

Marshall Goldsmith

Lynda Gratton

Gary Hamel (and C.K. Prahalad)

Mark Huselid and Dick Beatty

Edward Lawler

Jeffrey Pfeffer

Norm Smallwood

Wendy Ulrich (wife)

Patrick Wright

Arthur Yeung

Republished with permission and originally published at Dave Ulrich’s LinkedIn

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