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Why a career in Human Resource Management can bring out the best in you

Source | | Indira Ramachandra

As a profession, Human Resources (HR) has consistently ranked high on the lists of best career options. The U.S. News & World Report ranks the role of HR specialist at #17 on their list of Best Business Jobs and as one of the 100 Best Jobs overall for 2020. Here are prime reasons why a career in human resources stands out:

Make a difference: HR is responsible for organisational outcomes and managing the most valuable business asset — people. Working in HR can help shape the employee work experience at every stage and create an organisational culture. You may have access to insider views on how the entire organisation works and the opportunity to participate in its growth and development.

Challenging: Finding, hiring, and retaining top talent is an art. The stakes are even higher depending on the sector, as new norms emerge with the entry of millennial generation along with new expectations, leading it to be a truly strategic function.

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