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Why Accountability Is All About Explicit Behaviors

Source | | Rodger Dean Duncan

Accountability is all about performance, and performance is all about behaviors. 

In fact, the overall performance in your organization—in every conversation, in every meeting, in every project, in every activity of every kind—is the result of behaviors.

So doesn’t it make sense to focus on behaviors?

In organizations where personal accountability for performance is highest, behaviors are not left to chance. In high accountability, high performance organizations, desired behaviors are explicitly defined and explicitly reinforced.

This doesn’t have to be stuffy or oppressive. In fact, it can actually be fun. The key is to be precise about expectations, then promptly close the gap between observed behavior and expected behavior.

One of my clients is the information technology department at a large corporation. It has more than 650 IT professionals who serve all of the organization’s other 13,000 people. 

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