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“Why are bright managers not able to think differently?”​

Source | LinkedIn : By Sridhar R

“Why are bright managers not able to think differently?”

“Thinking differently has got nothing to do with how bright you are.”

This does not make sense. Explain this.”

“A Ferrari performs well on a race track. It cannot do the same thing in city traffic.”

“What has that got to do with bright managers not able to think differently?”

“If you hire a bright manager and do not allow him to think differently, kill all his ideas, he will soon be like the rest of the lot. I am saying there is more to thinking differently than brightness, intelligence or thinking.”

“Tell me more.”

“Many organisations pay lip service to creativity, new ideas etc. Yet when someone does suggest a new idea, it is promptly killed with a million reasons why it cannot be done. Unless you create a climate that is safe and non-judgmental, bright managers will keep their good ideas to themselves. Imagine the company as a marketplace. If there is no demand for new ideas in this market, people with new ideas will not offer ideas. They will supply what is in demand. Their survival depends on supplying what is in demand.”

“You seem to say that it not the fault of the bright managers if they are not able to think differently.”

“In a way yes. If the leadership demonstrates that they are looking for new ideas and are willing to support it, bright managers will think differently. Otherwise, they will soon start looking for other opportunities to sell their new ideas. It does require courage and persistence to think differently and find buy-in for new ideas. I suspect many bright managers give up a bit too soon.”

“Do you discuss this issue in your book?”

Yes. There is a section on creating the right climate that encourages fresh thinking.

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