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Why Are So Many Companies Building Talent Marketplaces?

By | David Green | People Analytics leader | Director, Insight222 & | Conference speaker | Host, Digital HR Leaders Podcast

A talent marketplace is not only about work and finding projects, it is also about ways of thinking about skills and building those skills

Talent marketplace solutions…” as Caroline Styr writes in her article: “…give HR practitioners x-ray vision into workforce skills on the one hand and roles, projects and internal opportunities on the other.”

When I talk to CHROs and other senior leaders, improving internal mobility is typically one of the top three priorities I hear back – and that was prior to the pandemic. In the last 12 months, the topic of internal mobility – and talent marketplace – has risen even further in importance.

Over 70% (of companies) said (internal mobility) is important, but only about 30% (have an active program) in place

The new series of the Digital HR Leaders Podcast, which kicks off today, explores the talent marketplace in more depth: what it is, why it’s important and how companies are using it.

My guest this week is Ina Gantcheva, a Principal in Deloitte’s Human Capital Practice, and a leading authority on talent marketplace. In Ina’s words talent marketplace: “has the potential to change the way organizations think about work (by fractionalizing work for increased efficiency), the workforce (by unlocking greater potential and value), and the workplace (by breaking down silos).

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