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Why awkwardness is your secret weapon for risk-taking at work | Henna Pryor | TEDxQueensVillage

Source | YouTube | TEDx Talks

We’d all love to know how to take more risks and push through resistance in order to smash our professional and personal goals. It sounds good in theory, but most of us have a hard time moving from wishful thinking to execution. Why? Because when we have a chance to take a risk in the moment, we feel awkward. In this talk, join Workplace Performance Expert and Executive Coach, Henna Pryor, as she unpacks this universal emotion and teaches us how the key to taking more risks at work lies not in eliminating awkwardness, but in conditioning for it instead. Henna Pryor, PCC is an award-winning Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach and Facilitator, and Workplace Performance Expert. Her clients call her their “secret weapon for impossible change,” an honor she wears proudly

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