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Why Brands Should Followers on Instagram and What They Should Post During the Pandemic

By | Karen Anthony

With the pandemic causing large-scale disruption, businesses are at a loss for ideas on what they should pin their Instagram content marketing strategy on because they cannot keep on pushing for sales and pretend that the situation is normal. The kind of content businesses also needs to post depends on the status of the business and its objectives. Understandably, the content management strategy of a business that is closed will differ from one that is open but needs the sales to survive and another that is in very robust health as it continues to enjoy strong demand. Some useful pointers on the kind of content for a viable Instagram marketing campaign depending on the status of the business:

Content Strategy for Businesses That Are Temporarily Closed

If your business is not in a position to operate at the moment due to restrictions on movement and social distancing norms such as gyms, beauty parlors, hair salons, florists, travel agencies, etc., you should ideally be focusing on customer retention. You need to stay in touch with your customers assuring them that your absence is purely temporary and what you are doing to return to serves them safely. Staying in touch will help your brand to be easily recalled when your customers are in a position to access your products and services. For example, if you have a salon business, instead of the usual sales-oriented content promoting offers and discounts, you can think of posting videos or educational posts about the various things your customers can do at home to keep looking beautiful. These videos can be posted on Instagram Stories, IGTV, and even Instagram Live. These channels can help you to not only strengthen your existing relationships but also engage in brand building by acquiring new followers from an audience that is also looking desperately for useful resources on beauty care.

A Good Time to Buy Followers on Instagram 

Because now there is no pressure to attend to customers, you have all the time to conduct a thorough audit of your Instagram account. Change the looks to strike the right tone at a time when your business is distressed, update the bio section, and archive the earlier posts that don’t match the new appearance. Look hard at your analytics, including your follower count and engagement rate. Focus on building an extensive library of content that you can use when you reopen as well revisit your hashtags to see if they are still relevant and update them appropriately. Set aside some time daily to engage with new people to make them your followers. See whether you need to buy followers on Instagram to spark off a new wave of engagement.

What Should You Post If Your Business Is Open but Needs to Sell to Survive? 

If your business is lucky enough to be open but desperately needs sales daily to survive, your primary aim should be to generate sales. Take advantage of the fact that even as your target audience is spending more time online, many of your competitors may have put their marketing campaigns on hold or going slow. Start posting frequently and try to use Instagram Stories daily. Sure, you will be under pressure to produce such a lot of content but remember desperate times call for desperate measures so use all the resources you can muster even if the results are not top-class. Begin to use the facility of Instagram Shopping and tag products in your posts. Encourage your followers to contribute their content and share them in your feed as well as in stories while acknowledging their support in these unusual times. While you should not stop pushing your products or services, you should use captions to provide the necessary context, ask for support, and educate the community about vital issues regarding the pandemic.

Content Strategy for Businesses in a Strong Position 

If your business has already built up enough cash reserves to last you for some time, you can use this time to focus on making your brand stronger rather than driving sales. You can kick off new Instagram marketing campaigns with the help of influencers or commence a new series on IGTV. This is a very good time to enter into long-term partnerships with influencers as the lack of market demand has already collapsed their rates significantly. According to, working with micro-influencers suits brand as they are more budget-friendly. Also, the absence of competing marketing campaigns can ensure more visibility in the feeds of followers especially when they are spending more time on Instagram. Encouraging influencers with whom you have worked in the past to use the photos that have not posted earlier can overcome the issues of social distancing on photo shoots.


The pandemic has had different impacts on businesses and therefore businesses need to adopt distinctly different content marketing strategies depending on their ability to carry on their operations. 

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