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Why building a community for employees can create a thriving workplace

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Executive coach Jerry Colonna wants managers to stop focusing on output and achievement. Instead, he wants them to engage in radical self-inquiry, which builds the maturity required for leaders to lift up others, not just themselves. It’s part of what sees as a bigger rebooting — a process he went through himself. The former venture capitalist fought through depression and suicidal feelings to lead a more fulfilling life, both professionally and personally. Colonna joined the Knowledge@Wharton show on a recent segment of the Knowledge@Wharton radio show on SiriusXM.

An edited transcript of the conversation follows.

Knowledge@Wharton: A lot of the concepts in your book relate to a growing focus on corporate culture and the well-being of employees. Can you talk about that?

Colonna: My first reaction to that is, thank goodness. So many people suffer in work, and it’s not necessary. It does not contribute to the organization’s financial success to have a third of the employees dealing with depression or anxiety.

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