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Why Building Relationships with Your Employees Is Better Than Just Managing Them

By creating strong relationships with your staff members, you'll build a better workforce and develop bonds that will help you and your business be a success

Source | | Glenn Llopis

The wealth created through authentic business relationships stimulates growth and innovation, advances commerce and benefits all. Relationships sustain more than momentum — they create and sustain relevancyBut these high-level relationships take time to cultivate. By valuing relationships, maximizing the utilization of resources, investing in your people and always looking for ways to improve strategic-resource sharing, your business sustains momentum. The key word? Relationships.

To seize the opportunities great relationships create, leaders must evolve from managing and live with an entrepreneurial spirit that values relationships and invests in people, including themselves. Then they must deploy two supporting characteristics: first, lead to leave a legacy, which holistically supports better relationships through reciprocity; and second, work with a generous purpose, which requires a commitment to collaboration, sharing and giving to grow.

Hundreds of studies of Millennials and shift populations show your employees, partners and customers want to have relationships with you, one another, your business and your brand. Lessons from the longest study on happiness — the Harvard Study of Adult Development — which tracked annually the lives of 724 men of varying economic statuses show that “Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.”

I can’t think of better foundational or fiscal reasons — happiness and health, not to mention growth and innovation — for building great relationships. So why aren’t you building them? Because you’re likely still stuck in the templates of business past. You lack the ability to see that building these relationships doesn’t start with others; it starts with you, which is why you must continuously invest in yourself to sustain your relevancy. This investment will require you to find the right people who can further guide you and teach you to invest in yourself. It requires you to answer a foundational question of living with an entrepreneurial spirit: How can I nurture and develop a relationship that invests in mutual success for the future rather than what I need now?

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