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Why Celebrating Your Little Victories at Work Can Power Your Performance

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You shouldn’t hold off until that long-awaited promotion or the culmination of a big project to celebrate the progress you’ve made at work. Reaching a milestone should absolutely be commemorated, but what if you could experience a little sliver of that joy every day you’re in the office? Paying more attention to your little victories, in addition to your big-time accomplishments, won’t just make you happier in the workplace — it will motivate you, too.

Bringing your attention to small wins in your daily work routine will drastically improve what Teresa Amabile, Ph.D., a professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, calls your “inner work life,” or as she explains it in Harvard Business Review, your “mix of emotions, motivations, and perceptions over the course of a workday.” How happy you are, how motivated you feel by your own interest in your work, and how you view your organization, manager, team members, and the work you do all contribute to the dynamics of your inner work life, according to Amabile. And when you have a strong, stable inner work life, you’ll probably make more progress toward your goals. A study Amabile

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