Guest AuthorMarshall Goldsmith

Why Coaching Clients Give Up

Source | Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and Kelly Goldsmith

And How Effective Goal Setting Can Make a Positive Difference

A review of research on goal-setting has helped us better understand two key areas of concern for leadership coaches: 1) Why people give up on goals and 2) How effective goal-setting can help ensure long-term goal achievement. An understanding of the dynamics of goal-setting and goal achievement may help coaches understand why their clients sometimes lose motivation and how they, as advisors in goal-setting, can increase the odds that their clients will “stick with the plan” and reach desired targets.

Why do people so frequently give up in their quest for personal improvement? Most of us understand that “New Year’s resolutions” seldom last through January – much less for the entire year! What goes wrong?

Six of the most important reasons that people give up on goals are listed below. Following each reason will be a discussion of implications for leadership coaches and ideas for “preventative medicine” in planning – so that clients will ultimately be more likely to achieve their change objectives.

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