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Why common sense is rare

Source | | Harish Bhat

And what marketers can possibly do to bring it back in our lives

The interesting subject of common sense is the topic of a superb, recently published book. The Ministry of Common Sense, written by Martin Lindstrom, provides countless examples that prove how common sense has become a scarce commodity in many organisations.

Impractical ideas

‘The Ministry of Common Sense’ by Martin Lindstrom

Held to hostage by pointless rules, endless meetings, seductive technology and a conspicuous lack of empathy towards customers, marketers and their colleagues in other departments, are getting impractical in so much of what they do, and the products which they offer us. Lindstrom’s book brought to mind the following examples of lack of common sense that we often encounter in India.

* In most Indian homes, fresh vegetables are consumed every day, whereas we consume frozen food far less often. Yet, the refrigerators marketed to us mostly have the freezer right on the top, where it is easily accessible. On the other hand, the vegetable compartment is right at the bottom, so, of course, we have to bend over several times a day to get our veggies. A perfect recipe for painful back ailments.

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