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Why companies are adopting ‘work from anywhere’ policies

Source | | Lydia Smith

Working from home has become the norm for many businesses, at least temporarily. Over the last few months, however, companies have begun to adopt a new type of flexible working arrangement.

When it comes to flexible working, employees traditionally have two options: They can either commute to and work from their city centre office, or they can work from the comfort of their home. For some companies though, this WFH model doesn’t provide enough freedom for workers. And so, they have adopted a “Work From Anywhere” policy.

Spotify (SPOT) is the latest technology company to offer employees the chance to work where they like. Recently, the streaming firm announced it would allow staff to choose whether they want to be in the office full-time, be at home full-time or a combination of the two.

It has also introduced more flexibility around locations, so employees will be able to choose the city and even country where they work. Spotify will provide co-working space memberships for employees who want to work remotely but still want a dedicated workspace.

“The events of the past year have accelerated my and the executive team’s thinking about the future and we believe that the time to start transitioning into becoming a flexible/distributed-first company is now and we’re pleased to introduce our work from anywhere programme for all employees,” Spotify’s HR executives R Anna Lundstrom and Alexander Westerdahl wrote in a blog post.

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